The Beatitudes People: Family Mental Health Podcast

The purpose of releasing The Beatitudes People: Family Mental Health Podcast is to build families and churches that bring whole-person health to communities. The outpouring we are waiting for isn’t just local, it’s nuclear. The revival God is bringing is an Elijah anointing into the home. This is my conviction; I am convinced. The greatest challenge to the Millennial household is skyrocketing rates of mental illness at every age strata. Our parents have more Alzheimers, our kids have more autism, and we have more anxiety. If the “now” word is to minister toward revival into homes, what do we have to be ministering to? We have to be ministering the Balm of Gilead to this perplexing, paralyzing and unprecedented presence of mental ill health in American families.

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Episode Published December 17, 2020

EPISODE FOUR: The Proverbs 31 Family Series

We’re embarking on a new series exploring how negative relationships damage our faith, while positive relationships propel us forward in our pursuit of God and feelings of abiding in well-being and promise. This 12 part series examining various biblical relationships focusses on the impact of healthy vs. unhealthy relationships on the effectiveness of our churches, communities, and cultures.

Episode Published March 20, 2020


On March 20, 2020, Natalie Haney lays out a 6-step plan for preparing your church in welcome readiness to receive and incorporate the mentally ill into fellowship. This episode is the first in a two-part series that discusses: PTSD, conflicts of interest, and how to uncover the diverse and hidden mental health needs present within your church community.

Episode Published February 14, 2020

On February 14, 2020, Natalie Haney explores the concept of “welcome” and challenges the church to count the cost of extending welcome to those with mental illnesses.

Episode Published January 2, 2020


On January 2, 2020, Natalie Haney introduces The Beatitudes People podcast and describes why mental health is the point of greatest impact for lifting the marginalized up, and why it is the Church’s job to do it.