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“Trump is gone in 70 days…”: Prayer for Iran as the Regime is Emboldened by the Prospect of a Biden Presidency

Today’s Prayer for Iran:

Pray that the hubris of the regime as they look forward to a more amicable American government would be a trap that they set for themselves. Pray for the church to be strengthened and stirred up in their spirits despite oppression, threat and intimidation. Pray that they will be like Gideon: Strengthened by all three persons of the Godhead and claiming a victory that the Spirit of God fights for them. Jehovah-Nissi arise amongst your children in Iran!!!

Speak “Jehovah-Nissi” over Iran today. Who can stand against the name of our God? He is mighty to save. His banner over us is His fierce and jealous love. He is our victory. He is the Lord of Heaven’s Armies. His arm is not short. He delights in His children, and His glory is made manifest in the power He exerts to guard and make victorious His church. Trump is gone in 70 days? You will be here forever, Islamic State? God alone is seated in authority in heavenly places forever. All power, might, and majesty is His. Praise His name forever. Jehovah-Nissi!

Praise the Lord with a shout, Iran! In Judges, Gideon’s remnant broke clay vessels to reveal the Light of the World destroying the intellect and schemes of the enemy. May those who come against God’s church in Iran see their encampment fall into similar confusion. What the Lord has done before puts fear in the heart of the enemy because what He has done before for His people, He will do again!

We are grafted into the promises of the Israelites, which includes God’s banner of love, His standard of protection, and His righteous right arm to uphold you. May God’s spirit continue to pour out the oil of gladness on His church in Iran, and the strength of our hope in Jesus.

In Jesus’ mighty name, we plead the blood of Jesus over Iran, over the persecuted church in Iran, and throughout the entire Empire of Ancient Persia: Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Libya, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Yemen, and Bahrain, even to the far reaches of Romania, Kosovo, Kuwait, and Afghanistan. May freedom rather than oppression come to the region via Iran.


Visit for more information about the Great Awakening in Iran. I am not affiliated with the organization, just supporting and promoting their ministry.