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Tehran, Iran

Light is dawning in Iran.

Iran is ranked in the Top 10 worst places to be a Christian in measures of persecution. Yet, under the duress of economic sanctions and COVID-19, the people are seeing the delusions spun by their government. They are shaking off fear of the regime and choosing hope in Jesus.

Welcome to the Inherit Iran! Prayer Hub


Pray that the hubris of the regime as they look forward to a more amicable American government would be a trap that they set for themselves. Pray for the church to be strengthened and stirred up in their spirits despite oppression, threat and intimidation. Pray that they will be like Gideon: Strengthened by all three persons of the Godhead and claiming a victory that the Spirit of God fights for them. Jehovah-Nissi arise amongst your children in Iran!!!

On this hub you will find current information about:

1. geo-politics in the Middle East,

2. American foreign relations with Iran

3. and the impact of those foreign affairs relationships on the Iranian revival.

4. Prayer and intercession points,

5. any dreams and prophetic insight the Lord gives to me, Natalie Haney, as He has been doing.

6. And links and information from Iran Alive Ministries, as well as any other ministries and people that I discover who are working directly with Iranian Christians in the West and in the Middle East.

7. Go now to and send Bibles in Farsi to persecuted, newly-saved Christians in Iran! Go do that first, and then come back to look through this page for some more next steps in what it means to Inherit Iran!

My Inheritance is Iran and the Middle East, Is Yours?

In the past two months, God has just plastered Iran and the Middle East on my heart! I am dreaming about the Middle East when I sleep. I open my mouth to pray and it’s for the Middle East.

Below is a map of the Persian Empire c. 500 B.C. under the rule of Darius the Great. At the height of the Persian Empire, which is present day Iran, the land under Persian control stretched from the Indus River Valley all the way to Thrace and Macedonia.

Map of the Persian Empire under Darius I, with principal satrapies, about 500 BC. Color lithograph reproduction of a 19th-century illustration

I had a dream on September 7, 2020 that I was given an inheritance of many Arab nations, as well as two Asian, and a few African nations.

Yesterday, the verse came to mind “I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised Moses,” Joshua 1:3.

So I started to think of the places that I have traveled: Romania, Turkey, Israel, the Palestinian territories, and the Negev. I thought, “Well that’s not Iran or that much of the Middle East.” Then I started thinking about the places that my husband has touched his foot as a soldier between 2000 and 2007: Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Iraq, Kuwait, and Qatar. Still an even split between Europe, the Middle East and Asia— and not Iran.

I began researching the Persian Empire.

Well, as it turns out, between me and my husband, we have set foot on the land from the Western-most to the Eastern-most reaches of the Persian Empire at its most powerful.

We have stepped foot on the Southern-most borders in the Middle-East and the Northern-most borders in Asia of the ancient Persian Empire ruled by Darius. That is Darius, the emperor who freed Nehemiah to complete the building of Jerusalem’s walls!

I have touched my foot in Romania, the furthest North-Western point of the ancient Persian Empire, Dave has touched foot in Bosnia, Croatia, and Hungary, the Western territory where Darius’ military expansion deteriorated in Europe due to the opposition of the Illyrian tribes who became the Bosnians, Croats, and Hungarian Jasz.

Dave has put the sole of his foot on the soils of Turkmenistan in the North and Afghanistan in the South-East. Dave has touched down in Baghdad as far south as Kuwait and the shoreline of Qatar; and I have traversed along the coast of Israel and ventured into the Negev.

Outside of Africa, where neither of us has been, we have outlined the entirety of the ancient Persian Empire with our physical presence.

In a dream, an angelic being left me raw and polished onyx representing Arab nations.

In a dream, I was given an inheritance of nations. According to Joshua 1:3, my inheritance is wherever my foot has touched!

My inheritance is for the Gospel to burst forth from Tuzla to Khandahar, from Bucaresti to Beer She’va, through Istanbul, through Ismir, through Jerusalem, through Jericho, through Baghdad, through Ashbagat, through Arifjan and Doha!

That is my inheritance, and it is the whole of Persia! Pray with me for Iran. It is the most influential Middle Eastern country opposite Saudi Arabia. It is an exporter of terror and violent suppressor of Christianity, and its citizens are secretly on fire for Jesus right now.

Here’s the thing: many American Christians have fought in the Gulf Wars and served in the Balkan peacekeeping missions. Many Americans have traveled to the Holy Land and Asia Minor on Bible Tours. Many Americans have served as missionaries in Eastern Europe. Is this your inheritance too? Is the discipleship of the Persian Empire yours?

Iran is completely closed to the Gospel. The apostles can only be sent to these areas in the heavenlies through prayer. Pray for Iran. Speak “Jesus!” over Iran.

This page is updated frequently as events in Iran and in the Middle East occur, and as prayer points are brought up. Check back often for new information, prophetic insight, and intercession requests!

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Table of Contents:

I. Iran Can Buy Arms Starting Tomorrow. How the Persian Empire Has Once Again Become the Most Important Place on Earth.

II. Two Prophetic Dreams: A Prayer Meeting in the Heavenly Realm With an Iranian Woman and An Angelic Being Deposits An Inheritance of Nations into My Jewelry Box

III. “Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!”: Praying for Iran Without Knowing It

Section III includes an excerpt from Hormoz Shariat’s blog explaining why the Trump Administration’s foreign policy toward Iran has been a vital component to the spreading of the Gospel in Iran, and the organic outbreak of revival amongst Iranians. Hormoz Shariat is an Iranian born and raised, an internet evangelist and is called “The Billy Graham of Iran.” Purchase his newly released book by clicking right here: Iran’s Great Awakening: How God is Using a Muslim Convert to Spark Revival.

The first prayer instructions I will give you: SPEAK “JESUS” OVER IRAN! The enemy is utterly confused and constrained by the name of Jesus. Until God teaches you how He wants you to pray for Iran, a place dominated by serious principalities, just pray “Jesus” over Iran. Speak the name of Jesus over Iran. And also, if you pray in tongues, pray in the spirit for Iran. If you do not have the gift of tongues, consider pursuing that as a way of warfare for a place that we can only be missionaries to in the heavenly realm. We can’t go there physically, but we can go there as we pray to our Father in heaven and His Son who has authority over all of heaven and all of earth!

Inherit Iran: Information, Insight, and Intercession

I. Iran Can Buy Arms Starting Tomorrow. How the Persian Empire Has Once Again Become the Most Important Place on Earth.

The Middle Eastern Cold War has everything to do with the election next month. Have you heard about it? It’s been ongoing between Iran and Saudi Arabia since 1952. And Iran is getting a foot up tomorrow— the arms embargo is lifting. The United Nations denied the United States request for an automatic renewal, a “SnapBack,” that the UN has every right to enact. In effect, Iran is now able to buy arms from other nations and other nations can sell arms to Iran. In response, Trump is petitioning Congress to put sanctions on the South American countries that Iran launders money and arms through, which they apparently then supply to Hezbollah.

Cold War is always about strategic alliance. Donald Trump has been touted as unqualified “to have his finger on the bottom”— meaning America’s first strike nuclear capacity. November’s presidential election is not about who in the White House has their finger on the button, it’s about who holds the pen. I mean the pen that signs the treaties that decide who wins the Middle Eastern Cold War. The hand that holds the pen that decides whether it’s Iran or Saudi Arabia that will rule the Middle East.

It’s not a leap of the imagination to say our lingering proxy war with Russia is currently played out through Iran’s proxy war with Saudi Arabia. Yet, in actuality, it is our trade war with China that Iran and Saudi Arabia have become proxies of.

“The bomb” is the least of our international affairs concerns as sneakier traps are being laid. As Iran destabilizes the Mideast, China has swooped in to colonize the pieces broken by the bad actor. Beginning in North Africa where Libya and Egypt were left in shambles by the Arab Spring, China is asserting itself into power vacuums that open new opportunities for its own trade dominance.

Seriously guys, let Pompeo finish what he has started in the Middle East. A power vacuum in our state department is the last thing anyone needs right now.

For your consideration:

  1. Look into how Iran’s destabilization efforts have led to war and famine in Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen.
  2. Look into how China stepped into the power vacuums we (Obama & Co.) created in Libya and Egypt.

There are more people in the Trump administration than just Trump. And if you don’t want to vote for Trump, vote for Pompeo. Pompeo is a lion in his approach to Iran.

The folly of Iran appeasement in our previous administration cannot be overstated. It is seriously as though Obama/Biden/Clinton were actively steering our international affairs against the interests of the United States! And not just in terms of security, in terms of trade dominance. The American involvement in the Middle East is far from being about the Bushs’ egos or a supposed evangelical “obsession” with Israel. Today, American involvement in the Middle East is about China not crushing America via the trade doors that Iran opens for China through destabilizing its Arab neighbors.

Overthrowing America’s position as the hegemonic military and economic power in the world has been a chess game China has been setting up on many fronts for a long time. COVID is her moment. And she will take it. I recently read a headline that explained: China is reorganizing its own economy for a globalism that relegates the US to one side. One small side. This is why the Trump tariffs that put globalism on the verge of extinction were survivalism not nationalism.

The end of globalism was reality in January of this year, before COVID jumped the Pacific. You can google “end of globalism January 2020” and see what the headlines were. Why would anyone want the end of globalism? In order for globalism to be achieved, America cannot have the strength it has. Putting America into a less economically advantaged position is necessary for globalism to work in the long run. So as globalists, Obama/Biden/Clinton did have incentive to steer our foreign policies away from our interests.

People will say China’s move against America is because of Trump. These pieces have been in play far longer than Trump has been in politics. Which is for 4 years. He has only had any kind of political decision making power for four years versus more than 40 years for Biden and Clinton each. Who has really had the time and influence to shift China’s foreign relations and economic stratagems?

The US returning to less than a full court press in terms of brokering Israel’s strategic alliances, which allows us to undermine Iran’s standing in the Arab League, would not be foolish, it would be catastrophic. The strategic alliances that Pompeo has been brokering for Israel are all about checking Iran in an aggressive enough way that doesn’t just keep them from nuclear armament, it isolates them from other Arab nations. Nothing chills bedfellows like an Arab nation befriending Israel, and Pompeo has six lined up.

Iran is a meddler in other Arab nations affairs, if I’m to vastly understate it. They have been an instigator of unrest and a terrorist equipper in their neighboring countries. In fact, their actions in Iraq since we pulled back troops almost guarantee that we will have to go back in and start over. We have an obligation to Iraqis to continue working toward a stable government for their nation.

Iran’s tactics always involve raising up protest movements and instigating class/ethnic/religious contention. They have been the gasoline behind the civil wars in Syria and Yemen. As Iraq rebuilds from Saddam Hussein’s regime and from war generated by us, Iran has been confounding the efforts of the foundling democracy opportunistically as less and less American presence remains.

Also announced in the last two days: China is now supportive of Iran’s nuclear capacity. In fact, Russia and China have both said they would sell arms to Iran. Venezuela and Colombia have already voiced intentions to buy arms from Iran. I hope it is now clear that Pompeo’s mission to create normalized relations between Israel and her neighbors is not (just) Christian Zionism, it is practical! The only way to stop Iran is to isolate them. America’s best defense against being utterly toppled by China is via Iran through the series of Mideast peace deals that people think mean nothing.

Just because the peace deals don’t create a two-state solution in Israel, commentators feign ignorance as to why these deals matter for all nations and ethnic groups, not just Israel and Palestine.

Zoom out, please. Our Middle Eastern affairs concerning Israel are not always actually about Israel, or Palestinians. Yet, for America’s benefit, Pompeo’s simple obedience in relentlessly supporting Israel has led to brilliant foreign relations that are decidedly effective to protect America’s ability to remain an autonomous and self-determined nation.

Vote Trump to vote for Pompeo. After all, a president’s real realm of influence is foreign relations, on which front Trump is killing it even if it is just by appointing Pompeo.

In contrast, the Obama/Biden/Clinton foreign relations plan allowed Iran to train and install ISIS and empower Hezbollah, and generate an Arab Spring in six countries. The end result of the Arab Spring was autocratic overthrows that created even more extreme government— Islamist theocracy rather than democracy. In 2015, Obama also spearheaded the UN resolution that set the October 18, 2020 expiration date for the arms embargo, which was indefinite until then. A return to such folly wouldn’t just destroy the Middle East, America’s largest rivals would be the biggest winners. And don’t overlook that Turkey is the newest country being groomed by Iran. Look out Europe.

The following is an alarming set of headlines from various points of time and a variety of sources (none of which are Fox News):

“The Weapons Ban on Iran is Ending.” from the Economist. October 13, 2020.

“Bill Introduced to Congress Aims to Stop Hezbollah Money Laundering.” from the Jerusalem Post. October 16, 2020.

“Obama Should Never Have Appeased Iran.” from the Atlantic. January 12, 2020

“In Rebuke of US, China backs Iran nuclear deal, calls for Mideast security forum.” from the Times of Israel. October 11, 2020

“UN Arms Embargo on Iran.” from SIPRI databases. January 20, 2016, includes UN resolution document links and UN voting records on those resolutions.

“The Cold War Between Saudi Arabia and Iran That’s Tearing Apart the Middle East, explained.” from Vox. January 4, 2016.

A Country by Country Breakdown of Saudi and Iranian Influences in the Middle East.” from The Globe and Mail. April 14, 2011.

“Famine Emerges as UN Theme, Crystallized by Yemen Disaster.” from The New York Times. September 24, 2020.

“Why Iran is Getting the Blame for an Attack on Saudi Arabia Claimed by Yemen’s Houthis.” from the Washington Post. September 16, 2019.

“China in the Mediterranean: Implications of Expanding Sino-North African Relations.” from the Brookings Institute. July 2020.

For an American administration to maneuver alongside Islamic radicals and China the way that Obama’s did, there had to have been a common interest between such ideologically opposed world powers— the only thing they all three have in common is a desire for Christianity to decrease in global influence. Christianity is monochromatically cast as the intolerant colonizer though it is the most culturally adaptable religion in history, as Mario Murillo interestingly asserts. We did colonize, but we also acculturated in equal measure to the acculturation we acquired. Many of our customs and traditions and all our holidays are from other cultures.

Funnily, Christians were persecuted as atheists in Rome for not worshipping enough gods! We weren’t religious enough for the Romans. Our freedom in Christ to “be all things to all people” still confounds the stridently religious as much as it does the rest of the world. This is why Islamists call us the Great Satan– because we corrupt Muslims with our free-wheelin’ ways.

If you digest the news through the lens of the Apocalypse then the peace Pompeo and Kushner are brokering on behalf of Trump and Pence really could be a harbinger of the end of the world! But if they don’t finish the job they started, it is more than likely just the end of America— Christianity’s haven of world influence.

You might say, “Natalie, it is not for Christians to have vested interests in their own nation, we are a global church.”

Yes, however, Paul wrote to Timothy saying to “pray for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a quiet and peaceful life, godly and dignified in every way.” 1 Timothy 2:2.

See this: In the Bible, every empire that God’s people were exiled into had just as much pluralism and freedom of religion as America does today. Egypt, Babylon, and Persia (Egypt, Iraq, Iran) — in each case we arrive on the scene of a story of God’s rescue at the precise moment when the empire’s leader has legislated a sudden shift from religious freedom for foreigners to forced worship of a state religion or religious suppression of Jews specifically. From Moses to Shadrach, Mishach, and Abednego then on to Mordecai— we meet God’s people in the moment religious freedom has been revoked. Test me on that in Exodus, Daniel and Esther.

It was always when freedom of religion was taken away in the empire that God judged the empire and delivered his people from them. We do need to be vested in threats to America’s freedom at home and abroad. Praying above all. America is protector-in-chief of all religious freedom globally, not just Christian privilege.

For the spiritual context that got me looking into studying this history, find my posts from September: “11 Arab Nations Are Ready for a Revolution” and “A Dispatch for Intercessors: An Angelic Messenger and the Inheritance of the Nations.”

If you read these dreams, it would be significant to note that there are 10 nations caught between the influence of Iran and Saudi Arabia. Which nation will overcome the other and lead 11 nations in a free and open marketplace of ideas and finance, giving an 11th Hour Release of the Gospel in the region?

I’ll say this— I think it’ll be Iran. If Iranians win their own freedom from radical Islamist oppression, they will lead the Arab nations caught up in the Middle Eastern Cold War to religious freedom. Pray for Iran.

Imagine how a mighty move of God in just one country could change the world. The gospel breaking forth in just one nation could change history. Pray for Iran.

The last time Persia was this important Esther was queen.

The post above was originally published in its current form on October 18, 2020. It was last updated on October 19, 2020.

II. Two Prophetic Dreams: A Prayer Meeting in the Heavenly Realm With an Iranian Woman and An Angelic Being Deposits An Inheritance of Nations into My Jewelry Box

NOTE: The * indicates updates to the dream interpretations that I have made as more revelation has been given. I have only added and not taken away from what’s written down for the sake of the integrity of the dreams and to show the pathway God has taken to bring about fuller understanding.

On September 1, 2020, I had a dream.

I was in the Middle East and an old friend was with me. I was telling her that 11 Arab nations were ready for revolution. As I was telling her a local woman joined us. She seemed like an Esther– a strategically placed woman for change. I had the feeling that she was married to someone who was working for revolution from inside one of these 11 governments.

We followed her along a veranda, into her kitchen and then out into her courtyard to have a prayer meeting. As we followed her I asked my old friend if she wanted to receive the gift of tongues. I told her that if she did want to receive that gift, I could lay hands on her and pray for that.

We all sat together, the local woman and I praying in the spirit. Before we finished my friend said, “It’s 6 o’clock, I have to go to a meeting.” The local woman and I continued in prayer until 8 o’clock. In the dream it seemed that we had prayed from the afternoon of one day into the morning of the next day.

In the dream, and even after I woke up, I had a feeling of spiritual rejuvenation as though I had really been in intercession with a fellow prayer warrior. It was like the Spirit had been where two or more were gathered. There was that feeling in my chest of having been submerged in water. It’s the physical sensation that you get after a well needed cry– or a Spirit-filled prayer meeting!

Interpretation and Relevance to Current Events

The insinuation of the phrase “11 Arab nations are ready for revolution” was that there was a political and spiritual readiness to throw off the yolk of oppression in these nations. It was that these nations were making space in their systems of government to let the gospel come into the country. It was a movement originating from the people and being worked toward by covert Christians within the government such as the local woman who led us into her courtyard to pray.

Right now there is a big peace push in the Middle East orchestrated by President Trump, Secretary of State Pompeo. Also, Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner has been working for the past four years in Middle Eastern affairs toward this end. Interesting that during the final weeks up to the election, this is what Trump wants done.

So far, 2 new Middle Eastern countries and 2 Eastern European predominately Muslim nations have normalized ties with Israel in the last 3 weeks (since August 24th). These treaties were officially signed yesterday (September 15th). Trump brokered peace between Serbia and Kosovo with their recognition and normalized ties with Israel as a bi-product of the deal. In the Middle East, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates (UAE) normalized ties with Israel and recognized their statehood.

Both of these treaties are aimed at countering bigger fish. Serbia and Kosovo counter the encroachment of Turkey who is showing aggressive movement toward Greece with stated hopes of renewing the glory of the Ottoman Empire under a radical Islamist state. Turkey’s leader has become the main advocate of the Muslim Brotherhood since the implosion of Egypt during the recent Arab Spring.

Bahrain and UAE are allies of Saudi Arabia, meaning alliances with these nations give Israel a back channel to the regions greatest player to counter Iran. So the real targets of these treaties are Turkey and Iran. The added pressure the treaties apply is hoped to become a domino affect of treaties between Israel and members of the Arab League is that it would isolate Palestine and force the PNA (Palestine National Authority) into signing the Trump brokered peace treaty with Israel that was announced only a few months ago. The treaty gives Israel everything it wants including Jerusalem and I believe, unprecedented access to the Temple Mount. Please look that treaty up, as I’m fuzzy on the details. But it is an “end times” deal, that under current geopolitical circumstances Palestine would never agree to.

So the count of nations normalizing ties with Israel this month, as it stands today, is four. That doubles the number since the 1970’s, which was 2– Jordan and Egypt. Jared Kushner said yesterday that 5 or 6 more nations were close to signing similar treaties with Israel. Do you think that the final number could be 11?

Let’s talk about the number 11 in my dream. The only thing I could find of the significance of 11 in the Bible is that there were 11 Edomite kings. Edomites were the generations of Esau and the Herods were the kings instated over Judea by Rome as a mockery of the Jews. I brushed past a reference from Chuck Missler that the Edomites have a connection to the last days Anti-Christ (capitalization because he’s a specific anti-Christ not just a person operating in an anti-Christ spirit). These treaties being made have a very “peace, peace then sudden destruction” feel to them. The Anti-Christ’s fame will be over a regional peace treaty. Are these those treaties? I’m not sure but they are definitely a sign of something being birthed in the heavenlies that relates to, or patterns, the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord.

The number 11 for me is most closely related with the idea of “the 11th hour.” The 11th hour is that final hour of quickening where the sleepy are woken up in the nick of time to get with God’s program! Is it possible that this is an 11th hour for Arab and Muslim nations to let the gospel pour into their countries unimpeded? Are Esthers and Mordecai’s being brought from the shadows to fight back, speak truth, and be given blatant influence? Remember that Esther and Mordecai were in Persia– modern day Iran. In Esther’s day, Persia had control over the whole region. If you’re so called, begin praying through until Purim, which is the holiday commemorating the salvation of the Jews due to Esther’s bravery (Thursday, February 25, 2021 – Friday, February 26, 2021).

Finally, let me bring this home by talking about the part of the dream where I ask my friend if she’d like to receive the gift of tongues. This friend also left the prayer meeting just shy of it being completed for another appointment. In reality, this particular friend is a perennial baby disciple. She has a “Jesus is just alright with me” kind of faith that “loves Jesus,” but has never left her old religion behind. I would call her relationship to Christianity “a fascination” more than a faith. I feel like her intrigue, in the dream, about the idea of receiving the gift of tongues but not actually answering the question as to whether she wanted it, and also how she stopped short of remaining in prayer until the task was done, are both emblematic of where many Christians are right now.

We are in a season– perhaps we are always in this season– where our faith is not about how we feel about God! but is rather about travailing in prayer like Esther and like Daniel until the gospel is birthed in the nations– BREAKS FORTH in the nations. In the dream, my friend was intrigued but not insistent upon receiving the inheritance of nations through prayer. She stopped short at 6 o’clock– the number of man. She stopped short at man’s efforts of spreading the gospel rather than praying through to 8 o’clock– the number of renewal.

If you have not! Get empowered in your spirit for the spiritual assignments God has for you in this hour! Don’t wait any longer. Jesus said “never stop asking for the Holy Spirit.” Grab hold of the edge of the garment, grab hold even if it puts you out of joint, and do not stop asking for what you need in order to accomplish in the spirit what God has set aside for you. Read about Daniel and the angelic being who Daniel had to pray through because this angelic being was opposed by the principality of Persia in Daniel 10. What do you need in order to participate in God’s international program for today? You could be spreading the gospel in Arab nations from your living room When. You. Pray.

In the dream, we prayed until 8 o’clock. Jesus rose on the 8th day of the week, Sunday. We have to pray through for the Arab and Muslim nations until newness arrives in their midst. Not a peace as man understands it, but the sabbath rest of salvation. We might be nearing their 11th hour, and the people are waiting for the revolution.

Second Dream

In the morning of September 7, 2020 between 3am and 4:30am, I dreamt that a man was standing in my open front doorway who was about 9 feet tall. He filled the doorframe and was covered head to foot in black and cobalt blue armor. I couldn’t see his face because it was completely covered by his helmet.

He seemed restrained by my presence in the living room. The house and front patio were brightly lit by the lights in the house and everyone inside was having a pleasant time. He stood fast in the doorway but did not enter the room. There was a sense of intensity about him to enter the house, like he was under orders and was urgently looking for his opportunity to enter the house. No one else in the room- my husband and a few nondescript friends- saw him.

I went into my bedroom. The lights were off and a middle aged woman I know was lying in my bed. The man in armor was standing at my back door, again waiting for an opportunity to enter. She and I mentioned him to each other casually without fear or alarm. 

My family and friends and I went out for the evening. Our time out and the gathering in my living room were both in a pleasant and lit environment. When my husband and I came back, we were back in my room, which had the lights off. I felt that the armored man had come into my house and I became afraid.

I saw that my jewelry box was at the head of my bed and its lid was torn off its hinges. The armored man had taken all of my jewelry- the top tray was wiped clean— except for my wedding rings that were kind of grimy and dusty.

In the bottom drawer of the jewelry box, my two watches were stopped and turned upside down. That they were stopped didn’t surprise me because they are stopped in reality, but that they were turned upside down did alarm me. Piled up next to my two watches were a mound of antique gold timepieces. They were piled up like they were in a treasure chest. I didn’t count them but the one on the top was the style nurses used to wear like a broach hanging on their uniforms.

Filling multiple compartments of the bottom tray were many, many stones. There was an array of all sizes of polished granite* intermixed with two large pieces of jade, and a small number of wooden baubles; one of the baubles was definitely red but I do not think the others were. 

I was distraught that the armored man had entered the house. I was distraught that he had taken my jewelry, particularly an antique cameo ring with a woman’s profile that in reality I bought for myself on my birthday in 2019.

In the dream, my husband derided me saying that none of it had happened. He said there was no armored man, I made it up in my head. This was even though he was sitting with me on my bed with the torn open, empty jewelry box and saw the replacement items of timepieces and stones. I told him to look outside, the man was still there! He was climbing up a rope toward our upstairs neighbor’s house, a senior sister in Christ.

In the next scene, the environment shifted from every detail of the dream being exactly our home and exactly our possessions to our “yard” looking like a golf course with roped off partitions. My husband saw that the armored man had taken his grill, which in reality we don’t own, and a few other things from the yard. He was raging mad about it. I was furious that he didn’t believe me and completely contradicted me before he saw that some of his own things had been taken. I swore at him and flipped him off.

Then, my dog woke me up. I had this dream between 3am and 4:30am, which I know because it was between times that our little puppy needed to go out. 

Interpretation and Applications:

Initially, when I woke I had felt the armored man was an enemy and was restrained from entering the house by my personal authority in Christ. I felt this way because I was so upset that he took my jewelry. In my first communication to my prayer partners, I called him “the strongman” in reference to Jesus saying that you cannot plunder a strongman’s house unless someone stronger restrains him first.

Yet, I knew what he had left in my jewelry box was good treasure. Also, his armor resembled what is talked about in Revelation when the riders are sent out by God– they are wearing armor that is red, dark blue, and yellow (Revelation 9:17). Mind you, those angels in Revelation are dispatched for judgment. The nature of the rider’s assignment in Revelation is less what I’m talking about, and more I’m wondering what the appearance of the armor could say about where the armored man came from and why. It is possible that the armor’s similarity to Revelation 9 makes this a warning dream, which I feel is very much the case.

Over the course of the day, I began to wonder if the armored man was an angelic being not a spirit. In dreams, I have seen unclean spirits, familiar spirits and demons multiple times before, and this was nothing like what I’ve dreamt before. I wondered if this angelic being was sent to take my own “treasure” and replace it with treasures that God had for me. 

Even when I immediately woke-up, before I realized this armored man could be angelic, I knew that he had left valuable timing in place of my carnal timing. I also knew that the stones represented nations: the granite representing many Arab nations, the two large pieces of jade were two large Asian countries, and the few wooden baubles were African countries.

As I contemplated how valuable what the armored man left was and how trivial what he took was, I really felt that calling him a “strongman” was inappropriate and that he must be an angelic being. 

It is interesting that in the dream, I had a conflict over discerning the presence of the armored man with my husband. In reality, I have struggled with my husband being historically skeptical of my spiritual discernment until he sees it and experiences it himself. Ironically, in reality, it was my husband who confirmed that the armored man was angelic.

When I told him the dream the next day, he immediately referred to the armored man as a “messenger” and said he felt that “the message was more important than the messenger.”

*What I have come to understand since is that the armored man could be both an angelic being and a strongman! As Chuck Missler teaches, “angelic” is a class of created beings not necessarily just “good” messengers. There are fallen and faithful angels, but all are still under the ultimate authority and constraint of God. It is possible that the armored man was restrained from entering my home by my authority in Christ, and that he had to enter because he had been commanded by God to deliver the 11 nations to me and take from me what was keeping me from my inheritance. Jeremiah Johnson had a dream about the principality of Iran and the Middle East. He was wearing armor and “Iran and the Middle East” was written across his breast plate. I’m asking you to consider that God has commanded the Strongman of Iran and the Middle East to give up its ownership of Iran and the Middle East to the authority of the Citizens of Heaven– you and me. Um, woah!!! Can we say, Hallelujah?!

*Regarding the warning aspect of this dream: God’s judgment is a piercing by a friend. It is important to know that God’s good for us is not always “merciful”; sometimes it is a judgment rendered against our unholy affections. We have to know that in order to get what God has for us, we have to give up the things in our lives that belong to the enemy. This is sanctification. For example, the Angel that ultimately caused the release of the Hebrews from Egypt was “the Destroyer.” Realize in this season that as we come into our inheritance, the strongman that has been commanded to leave you golden timepieces and the inheritance of nations might also be forcibly stealing from you things that you love but should not love. It is an uncomfortable but entirely biblical truth that God has authority to send and use for His purposes angelic beings that are strongmen. God’s good for us doesn’t always feel good. I know that this is going to be reality in the church in the next presidential term. We are headed into a rough but necessary period. I’m so glad my husband had the wisdom to tell me not to focus on the messenger’s identity but rather the message. The message was of first importance and the messenger’s significance was secondary and revealed secondarily.

My husband said that the message was to let go of certain things from my past– past attachments– and focus on our marriage as what matters.

I feel there is a personal and global message in this dream. 

*I debated whether or not to include the personal application on this compilation hub page. I ultimately decided to because it includes an important intercession key. You cannot have authority over a spirit you are operating in. This is sound knowledge I have received from listening to prominent prophetic teachers across the board like Sharon Stone and John Paul Jackson. Before you intercede, you have to get yourself clean. You consecrate yourself to the Lord, and then you war.

To me personally, I hear the Lord is saying that my covenant of marriage needs to be dusted off and re-prioritized as a God-given assignment.

*This undercuts Jezebel and puts me in proper chain of command in God’s ordained order so that I do in fact have access to my authority in Christ.

In March, right as the COVID lockdowns were beginning, I had a profound experience with my wedding ring. I had lost the smallest diamond in the band about a month before. I found it. I found this teeny tiny diamond, the size of a pencil tip on my dining room table after a month of resting on the busiest surface in our house. This felt like a promise similar to the Parable of the Missing Coin— that something so small and very valuable to me would be found. And that the something being found was in order to restore a thing to its former glory and completion. 

I have always been flustered and frustrated by trying to balance the time requirements of my household and motherhood against the timing of my “work”– or contribution to the world. According to the dream, God has given me many, many valuable assignments with many, many measures of timeliness. It reminds me of Ephesians saying “you are God’s masterpiece created in Christ Jesus to do good works prepared for you ahead of time.” 

The cameo ring being taken seems significant to me personally as the messenger removing from my possession a position and “work” I have chosen for myself. In reality I bought myself that ring for my birthday. It has a woman’s profile on it and is actually a style of art that originated with the Ancient Romans. I loved how unique it was. I had never seen one before. I wear it on my first finger like a signet ring. I feel that this cameo ring that was taken by the armored man in the dream is symbolic of both: my self-willed attempts to make “a place” for myself in the world, which I try to do through meaningful work, and my own attempts to find a place of service in the church, particularly on a worship team considering my talents and gifts. I think this ring is also symbolic of my complying with the spirit of Jezebel, and what that spirit dictates to us about being a woman.

Jezebel– and in the same vein, her daughter, Athaliah– is an inheritance thief. As women, we have to remember specifically that our children are called “an inheritance from the Lord.” And as women, we often feel seated at the foot of the table. Remember you just need a “seat” not a “place” because God has a habit of turning tables!

Some of the treasure that I need to let God take from me was revealed yesterday:

  1. being right,
  2. being intelligent and contributing my intelligence to works of man,
  3. being gifted with insight and understanding, and contributing that to works of man,
  4. being talented and using my talents “in the front” at church,
  5. being recognized,
  6. finding “a place” for myself in the worldly realm even when that worldly realm is just the worldliness within the church.

God has not just prepared good works ahead of time, I am His masterpiece and His heir to an inheritance of nations. This work of inheriting nations, as said in a recent prophecy by Jeremiah Johnson, is a work in the secret place. I have to recognize and glorify the Lord because He has actually taken me up into His secret place and allowed me to partake in His timeliness and purposes for the Middle East/Arab nations three times this year. 

*Amazingly, the only work you can do for Iran is pray because the country is completely closed to missionaries! I’m a missionary to Iran, would you like to be too?!

The stones left in my jewelry box remind me that Jesus said we inherit the earth, and Abraham was promised to inherit the nations.

Again, this year, God has been moving me in the spirit toward engaging spiritually with Middle Eastern/Arab/Muslim nations. This year I have had three other events in the spirit regarding spiritual-political events in the Middle East.

*And a fourth event that I only discovered today, all of which I will detail in section IV.

This is actually not surprising, once I think about it, as I was raised a Christian Zionist and my family always fellowshipped in Sacred Name/Hebrew Roots/Feast Observant ministries regardless of where we went to church. I did my senior thesis on Israeli-Evangelical relations, and have visited Israel, Turkey and Romania (Romania was at a point part of the Ottoman Empire). The Middle East has been uncommonly embedded in my upbringing and education. Yet, I have never considered it a commission. I never even thought about it. To me, it was just part of my upbringing. 

Please pray for me about what God is speaking to me and preparing for me/preparing me for.

Globally, I think that some applications from this dream are to be aware of God’s timing in two ways— His timing for Israel, and His timing for the Second Coming.

We have our cherished beliefs about these things, but in this day, we need to let God speak. The two older women in my dream, knowing them personally, represent the poles of American bipartisan politics.

According to prophetic words, this year 5781, is the year of God’s mouth not ours. We need to allow the Lord to amaze us by working in ways that confound and astound all of our political beliefs and schemas and theologies. We have to let Him speak past our deeply held presuppositions to show us His time and His treasure.

I am reminded in this dream of how Matthew 13 records Jesus saying the kingdom of heaven is like a scribe who brings from his storehouse old jewels and new. I have always read that passage as referring to a believing Jew bringing forth the treasures of the Old and New Covenants. This year has also been said to be a year of covenant. A year of God honoring His covenants.* We have to see the Old Covenant and the New.

The Torah portion for the year is about Hagar and Ishmael’s covenant with the Angel of the Lord, and also about Abraham and Abimelech’s treaty— these portions both concern covenants with Arab Nations including specifically Palestine (Abimelech).

Many treaties in the natural are being brokered right now at break neck speed coming up to the American election. Secretary Pompeo is trying to broker multiple peace deals and normalization agreements between Israel and Muslim nations. So far Muslim nations in Africa (Sudan), the Middle East (United Arab Emirates and Bahrain), and Eastern Europe (Kosovo and Serbia) have been involved in this shift. A big part of this push is to create proxy relationships through which Israel can make agreements with Saudi Arabia without the Saudis upsetting Palestinians and other members of the Gulf Cooperation Council who are anti-Israel.

It is tempting as Zionists to think these peace deals are a wonderful thing as it pushes the eschatalogical time clock ahead massively. Yet, my spirit was startled and grieved when I read that Pompeo is doing this. Particularly because America has made concessions to the Muslim nations involved that could gravely jeopardize Israel if the treaties are not honored. Such as stealth jets to UAE and removing Sudan from the terrorist list. 

Historically, the Roman General Pompey (who led the Roman Republic with Julius Caesar as part of the first Triumvirate), went on a peacekeeping mission to Judea when the Hasmonean dynasty (descendants of the Maccabees) were in a war of succession between two brothers. Pompey entered the city siding with one brother and then changed his allegiance to side with the other. Pompey took it upon himself to crown his favored brother as both king and high priest, and he defiled the Temple accidentally by entering the Holy of Holies.

In ancient history, the end result of General Pompey’s well-intentioned actions was that Judea lost the independence it had for over 100 years under the Maccabees’ descendants, and became a vassal state of Rome. A state in which it remained at the time of Jesus and the destruction of the Second Temple; the Second Temple also being destroyed during a civil war between competing Jewish ideologies.

I have a check in my spirit that says, Secretary Pompeo might be acting in the same manner today. It is important to be discerning about this because it is widely thought that regardless of Trump’s reelection, that Mike Pompeo will run in 2024. Be aware of the time and of who we might dismiss from inheritance because of our own perspective. Beware how that affects your vision. And be aware of well-intentioned carnal actions that we might justifiably assume to be spiritual. 

*Our own ideas of peace are typically carnal. Peace belongs to God! Also, in our rush to support Jews, we often dismiss Muslims from the Gospel’s reach. Right now, the safest thing for God’s Holy City is a Gospel break out in Iran! America’s peacemaking could quickly go array without a fundamental cultural change in the 11 Arab Nations, firstly, Iran.

Remember that we are coming up to the Fall Feasts beginning with Feast of Trumpets September 19. “On this day ritual trumpet blasts signify the issuance of revelation and a call for Israel to gather for God’s word of redemption,” according to a surprisingly great quote from Wikipedia. Rosh Hashanah is one of four Jewish New Years– it is used to count the age of the world since Creation.

If you are an intercessor on assignment, please be praying about these things in this season.

*See Perry Stone’s prophetic word for the Jewish New Year.

*Update upon reflection: The main cache of stones, those representing Arab nations, were granite-like not necessarily granite. Granite river rock is my closest comparison. But some were raw and more gray and “pixelated.” While other were small, polished and totally black like some my daughter has in her rock collection. I think it is actually possible that the stones were onyx, which is mined in the Middle East and is mentioned in the Bible 11 times. Onyx was also a stone the Romans used to carve cameos. (10/21/2020)

III. “Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!”: Praying for Iran Without Knowing It

In the evening of January 2, 2020, in California, I had put my daughter to bed and was organizing a craft for myself to do while I wound down. Suddenly my spirit rose up and I was prompted to speak out: “Hosanna! Hosanna!” between two and four times. Rather than continuing on in praying in my spiritual language, my spirit was at rest.

My mom had told me in the past that “Hosanna!” is a spiritual warfare prayer. It means “save us!” As I went back to my craft, I smiled and wondered amusedly, “Lord, what happened just now that you prompted me to pray that?”

Well, I found out the next day. Given the time difference, at the hour the Spirit stirred up my spirit to call out “Hosanna!” Qasem Soleimani was assasinated.

This is not the first time I had prayed for Iran without knowing it.

During a worship team prayer time in 2019, I was prompted to pray for the persecuted church. This was Thursday, May 2, 2019– The National Day of Prayer. I remember the date because I remember that we were praying corporately that night specifically because it was the National Day of Prayer.

I’m not really a missionally minded person to be honest. The Lord has shifted me to be more global in my thinking about the church over the last few years, but a prayer for the persecuted church wouldn’t really be my typical “burden” so to speak. In fact, my heavy burden has been for the apostate church in America!

As the Lord directed me to pray for the persecuted church, here is what was happening in Washington on May 2, 2019:

Vox reported, “May 2, 2019: The [Trump] administration ends waivers that allowed countries to import Iranian oil. Without those waivers, countries that purchased oil from Iran, including China, India, and Japan, could also be subject to US sanctions. If those countries choose to stop buying Iranian oil, it would hurt Iran’s economy even further.”

You can find the rest of the significant events that occurred between May 2, 2019 and July 2019 by following this link. These events include escalation between Iran and America up to the point of war until at the climax of tensions, Trump decided against striking Iran ten minutes before the strike was to begin because he wanted to avoid Iranian casualties.

Hormoz Shariat, who is called “The Billy Graham of Iran” put these events’ impact on Iranian Christians into clarity when he wrote this concerning America’s economic, diplomatic, and military pressures on the Iranian government:

The Islamic Regime’s Problems

(This is an excerpt from a post titled, “Qasem Soleimani Assassination: Impact on Iranian Christians.” posted to Hormoz Shariat’s Blog on January 10, 2020. I first accessed this blog on October 30, 2020.)

by Hormoz Shariat
  1. Bad economy. The economy is bad because of sanctions, poor decisions, and weak economic infrastructures. Iran can solve none of it. A lack of financial resources will continue to pressure the government. They have been reducing subsidies. If they become unable to pay salaries to government employees and especially the revolutionary guards, the whole government will implode. Even if they suddenly want to shore up the economy’s foundation, they cannot because the system is not designed for such corrective action. So the economy is an unsolvable problem for them. 
  2. Corrupt government. Corruption is so rampant that it has become an integral part of how the government governs. The US$150 billion that they received under Obama’s administration sped up corruption in Iran. Many people in power wanted a piece of that pie. Those who want to eradicate corruption cannot do it because the top clergy and their families are the major players in it. So corruption is another unsolvable problem for them. 
  3. Oppositional population. The people are against them. They came on the streets to protest the economy, and they faced bullets. As a result, their hatred of the government and even Islam itself has increased. The regime reportedly killed over 1,500 people within the past two months. They have not allowed the families of the dead to gather and mourn, and they arrested those who tried. That means the parents of some of those who were killed are now in jail because they publicly mourned the loss of their son or daughter. The government has lost the people’s heart, and there is no way to gain it back.
  4. Military Threat. Now they have President Trump threatening them with action. It started with the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani, but Trump made it very clear that he is ready for more. They have no solution for that. If they do nothing, they look weak. For 40 years, they have lied to the people of Iran, telling them that Iran is a superpower. Now they are in danger of being found out and losing respect and credibility. This threat may give people hope that their government is not as strong as it claims and that it could be toppled. If so, this hope will encourage them to continue their protests and oppositions. 

The Spiritual Impact

  1. More salvations. I predict that in the next six months, we will have an accelerated number of Iranian Muslims who will come to Christ. This expectation is not new. We saw a similar occurrence ten years ago. During the Green Movement in 2009, the government killed, raped, and tortured many people. The government’s brutality unmasked the true face of Islam to many: a heartless religion that devalues human life. Because of what they saw, many people who were undecided about Islam beforehand became sure that Islam is not the way. Thus, they became open to the message of the gospel. Even some fanatic Muslims—people who were sold out to Islam and opposed Christianity just a few months prior—came to Christ. How do we know? Because they contacted us and shared their stories. Likewise, we expect that in the next six months, we will see a surge in salvations among those who used to be devoted Muslims—even among the clergy and government officials!
  2. Fewer persecutions—temporarily. Becausethe government has too many problems to fight, for the next few months they will not focus on destroying Christianity as they have when they have had the money and time. If their negotiations prove successful, however, and they can bring back a more normal situation to Iran, then they will start a new wave of Christian persecution. 
  3. More intense persecution. They will arrest fewer people, but they will act harshly toward them—that is, long jail terms and even execution. They will want to make an example out of the few they arrest to put fear in the hearts of other Christians and stop them from evangelizing, fellowshiping with other Christians, or connecting to organizations outside Iran such as Iran Alive. As Christianity grows and the government feels more out of control, it will intensify the persecution. 
  4. Greater opportunity for Christians to be salt and light. As the darkness grows, the light can have more impact because it has the power to destroy the darkness. Light in the midst of the darkness is easily seen and very attractive. So this is the time for Christians to be different. In the midst of the nation’s desperation and hopelessness, Christians can bring the hope of Christ. 

(End excerpt.)

I will add here one last plea before the election: please vote for President Trump. He is in fact being used in MIGHTY ways for the purposes of the Gospel. It confounds wisdom, but I tell you, it is true.

As the church in America comes under sifting and faces the first ever rise of persecution, the church in Iran is rising in honor and breaking off yolks of oppression throughout the Middle East. Let Trump continue to put the screws to the regime; it is helping! Where Iran encourages terrorist insurrection, America is aiding and abetting a Christian uprising in Iran that would benefit no less than 11 Arab Nations.

Take off carnal thinking. Cast down Jezebel in your midst. And really, vote for Trump. This is not partisan thinking, it prophetic observation.