Bible Studies by The Beatitudes People

The name “The Beatitudes People” is a reference to the Sermon on the Mount. It is my observation that by calling blessed: the poor, mourning, meek, just, merciful, pure, peacemakers and persecuted, Jesus was announcing for the first time His identity as Messiah. The Messiah came to rule a perfectly just society– a society in sabbath peace. He came to bring the Year of the Lord’s Favor. In the Old Testament that year was Jubilee. No king can be said to have honored God’s sabbath laws in releasing the captives, returning ancestral lands, forgiving debts, etc. But that is what Messiah came to do. The people Jesus called blessed were the ones who would be benefited most by Jubilee, the Sabbath of sabbaths. I believe that Jesus said, “You’re blessed,” because their blessing had come– the Lord of the Sabbath, Messiah, Savior, King. These Bible studies by The Beatitudes People are ministered out of this perspective.

enjoy, Natalie