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Good News: 10,000 Iranians Have Accepted Christ Since May

Iran Alive Ministries has reported that they just received news of the 10,000th salvation in Iran since May of this year, 2020.

Please join me, and Iran Alive Ministries in their prayer petition for another 10,000 people to receive Christ as their savior in this Christmas season.

It is a dark season in Iran politically. But our God has a government! And during the Christmas season is when we remember its arrival. Jesus came to earth and it was wisemen from the East who came and delivered terrifying news to world leaders: “the King of kings has come, your rule is no longer a reign.”

Join me now:

“Lord, we pray for your name to be exalted and praised throughout Persia. We pray for your authority to come upon the earth in Iran and into every space where they exert influence. We pray that you will reach people in the secret place and in the public square, and that your arrival in Iran would shake the nations. We pray that just as the magi came in search of the King of the Jews that 10,000 Iranians will follow the star and find you. We pray that those who seek will not rest until you have been found, Lord. We pray that they will bring you every gift that they have to bring– offerings of praise, worship, faithfulness, and obedience. We pray that they will fear no other name but the name by which they are saved. In Jesus name, Amen.”

Also, please give to Iran Alive Ministries! They are in need of funds to renew their satellite broadcasting license, which is very expensive. They also need to deliver Bibles in Farsi to all of these baby believers who are hungry to grow up in the Word!

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