Atlas Judged 2021

This Week Your Baby is the Size of a Clementine

So, this mom is me. Feel free to share this meme.

Unsettlingly, right now is a time to fight for division not unity. We need division until we get things right. That’s what Black Lives Matter wants— division until we get it right. Black lives matter as a statement speaks that a human being doesn’t gain human status based on how you feel about that person. Wanting a person, liking a person, the nature of their physical size and ability, approving of where they came from and whether they occupy space you’d rather they didn’t: none of that determines whether a person is a person deserving of humane treatment. Don’t settle for a subpar ceasefire.

*please* WATCH my recent Bible teaching about why now is AN ORDAINED TIME OF DIVISION. Swords Into Plowshares: A Word Study on the Letter 7.

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