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Amy Coney Barrett: Jesuits Shake the World

Please excuse me ripping off the title of China Shakes the World: A Titan’s Rise and Troubled Future — and the Challenge for America by James Kynge. In 2007, the author brought to attention what the West seemed to be missing: MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UHPARSIN. Our days are numbered.

Like the empires of Persia, Greece and Rome were both appointed to judge God’s people, and also appointed to fall for the violent way they accomplished this feat, so China has been appointed ahead of time to shake the world– to shake the concentration of God’s privileged people in their place of safety, America.

Find this dynamic of how empires are both amoral and moral agents exposited in the Book of Daniel. The way in which God uses this principle of world authorities is a foundational hermeneutic for understanding the violence in the Old Testament! It is also key to understanding how the election of Israel by God was not racist– an argument directly made in the Book of Romans and underlies the discussions in every New Testament epistle. God uses every tribe, language, people, and nation in a different way to accomplish His purpose of renewing the world.

This kind of spiritual agency that world powers have becomes even more interesting when you consider how to cope with the ways in which the Holy Catholic Church embraced kingdom theology as a way to justify committing genocide and forerunning the colonization of the whole world. The Church of England did not put their elder sister’s practice aside upon its joining with the Protestant reformation– nor did the Reformation demand it to.

What do you do when the Kingdom of Heaven acts like all other world empires?

The Kingdom of Heaven, were it a nation, would have twice the population of the most populous world nation. Its GDP would crush the market. Its embassies are already in every neighborhood, let alone every country. Nearly all world powers have normalized relations with it even now. There is no power on earth as hegemonic as the Church. This is why the Church needs to get wise about critical theories, including Critical Race Theory. Critical Race Theorists can’t come after all oppressive powers without dismantling the worldwide church.

While we wait on Critical Theory to complete its full inundation into the next generations’ worldview, it’s a good thing for the principalities, powers, and rulers of this dark world, that we are a house divided on itself. A woman who tears down her home with her own hands (Proverbs 14:1). A man who refuses to let God do the building and work for us even when we sleep (Psalm 127).

The Jesuits are the Trojan Horse of Critical Theory into the Church’s belief system. The Society of Jesus is a fascinating religious movement and they have slowly infiltrated the entire framework of evangelical thought and practice.

The Jesuits, after oppressing and massacring the populations of South America for Christ– at least at twice the extent as the Franciscans did in California– changed their tune and became the champions and Templars of Liberation Theology.

The Jesuits were formed as a Counter-Reformation militant monastic order. The rest of Catholicism actually kept them at arms length because of their useful, yet optically inconvenient brutality for the sake of the pope. Their early persecution of Protestants is rivaled only by their early persecution of the indigenous populations of the Americas.

They were similar to other militant religious groups we’ve seen throughout world history that depend on channeling the spirit of ancestors through contemplative mystic practices as to become empowered for radical action. In the case of the Jesuits, this took the form of visualizing what the saints, apostles, and Jesus would have done until a form of transcendent union to the one spirit these past souls embodied was also coursing through the body and consciousness of the Jesuit monk.

The Jesuits were very influential in colonizing the Azores where my family is from. Necromancy, and mental illness, is still pandemic in the Islands. The fortress of the Jesuits remains in the Azores via the universities they founded there.

That was the modus operandi of Jesuits. They built the society of Jesus on a university system, forming the beliefs of their followers as intellectually as religiously.

Are you starting to see how the emergent movement within evangelicalism happened and how it has led us to this moment?

Jesuits are assuming the highest positions of leadership in the world both ecclesiastically and politically. They own the Law.

Catholics never wanted a Jesuit pope, and yet here we are with Pope Francis. His word is the law of God within half of Christendom.

Trump is more than likely about to appoint Amy Coney Barrett to the vacancy left by Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Interestingly, a country that once had papal-phobia has built and maintained a Catholic majority Supreme Court over the course of the last three administrations (20 years).

We have only ever had one Catholic president– and we killed him.

Trump has already appointed one Jesuit justice, Kavanaugh, and is likely about to nominate a second, Barrett. More than being a Jesuit, Barrett belongs to a tiny ecumenical covenant called People of Praise. They have all the markings of the Society of Jesus accept for that they are interdenominational. Though majority Catholic, People of Praise represents the full range of Protestant denominations and operates as a charismatic movement.

Unknown by many, especially those in California who idolize the Jesus Movement revival in the 1970s, it was the Catholic Church that spearheaded the Charismatic Renewal in America.

Even in my hometown, through ecumenical cooperation with the Catholic charismatics, the local Lutheran church that brought the move of the Spirit to my county gained awakening by embracing an interfaith mystic experience in India at an ashram. Let me break that down:

A local pastor from a decidedly uncharismatic denomination, partnered with the charismatic movement within Catholicism that was achieving great success in capturing young people back to religion. (My parents were actually congregants at a Catholic charismatic parish before being born again.) This pastor followed the yellow brick road from interdenominational Christian ecumenicalism to universalism. He gained what can accurately be described as “shaktipat” while in India and came back with the false holy spirit.

The Kundalini spirit, the false holy spirit, or often called the Christ Consciousness, dries people out spiritually and causes mental illness in people who are not adequately aligned in their chakras. That is information gained directly from Hindu sources, not from Christian critique. Evidencing this spiritual dryness that comes from the false holy spirit, my hometown (Salinas), even when joined with the neighboring city (Monterey), is the 14th most unchurched city in America. This is after Salinas-Monterey was one of the missional stops on a proverbial Camino Sancto during the 1970s revival meetings that birthed the Calvary Chapel and Vineyard movements and in the process this region witnessed the deliverance of scores of young hippies from drug addiction in Big Sur, on the Monterey Peninsula, and in Salinas.

The kind of mystic union to the Christ Consciousness that the New Age is founded on, the secret of the Void according to Kabbalah, the experience of shaktipat via Hindu spiritual discipline: these are all the same as the necromantic form of visualization (aka channelling) that Jesuits taught, and were most successfully introduced to the Millennial generation by the writings of Thomas Merton, Richard Foster, and Richard Rohr.

Similar to the way in which Jesuits changed their tact from slaughtering and enslaving South Americans to “save” them in favor of a more palatable and convincing approach via first syncretism and then Liberation Theology, the mode of obliterating Protestantism used by Jesuits went from murder to ecumenicism.

So here we are. In a discussion about societies, sects, and cults, let me answer the question that you might have been asking whilst reading my posts these last 5 days: Is Natalie a member of the Cult of Trump?

The answer is no. I view Trump as an equally amoral and moral agent by which the church in America will be both judged and delivered by God. As is consistent with every emperor we read about in the Old Testament, Second Temple writings, New Testament, and Early Church records.

Here’s the thing; Trump needs to be reelected because he’s not done shaking the world…and the House of God. Amy Coney Barrett is just one more evidence of that.

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