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I Saw the Ghost of an Indigenous Californian While Psychotic in 2009.

Yep. I guess I could just leave it there, but I’ll go ahead and tell you the whole story and why it got brought up for me today.

In early September 2009, I was at a Papa Roach and Nickelback concert with my brother– I swear that says more about the 2009 version of him than me! I was so manic that people kept coming up to my brother and asking if we had anymore of what I was tripping on.

During the concert was the only time in a two month span of being in and out of psychosis that I hallucinated. I went out of the Shoreline amphitheater to send a “prophetic” text to my friend. I saw my Motorola phone sending 6/66 messages but the text would fail and then start resending by itself. I saw it keep sending the text over and over and over each time 6/66. My friend asked me later why I kept sending him that message over and over.

As I was walking back into the amphitheater I saw the ghost of an indigenous Californian in vaquero garb. He was like 4 feet tall. He was probably only chest height on me and I don’t clear 5′ 3″. He looked stunned that I was looking at him, like he couldn’t move. Like a deer in headlights. I snorted at him like a horse. Literally, it sounded like a horse. I snorted both intentionally and spontaneously. Then I kept walking.

Just this year, my husband and I took our daughter through the Mission San Juan Bautista museums. The last one we walked into had a glass case in its foyer with a full Spanish colonial era vaquero outfit on a stand. It was the exact outfit that the ghost I had seen was wearing 11 years ago. I felt so creeped out that I pushed my family to leave as quickly as possible.

This came up for me today because I received a very gentle and loving rebuke from a sister of color about my pro-Trump stance today. I was tempted to be on the offense, but realized it was a stumbling block of offense that my friend had fallen over and that making it about me would just pull me into the trap of “biting and devouring each other” that Satan orchestrates between believers (Galatians 5:15). So I started praying.

I was reminded in prayer of all the indigenous sisters and brothers I have and the way that they have expressed hurt over the discrimination they have experienced from white Christians. This discrimination was not in a worldly context, like course jokes, but it was in the church in the form of whites being patronizing and preferring white cultural practices over indigenous ones. This discrimination consistently presents itself in white leaders refusal to address Euro-centrism over their pulpits.

It is a stumbling block to Maori, to ethnic Hawaiians, to indigenous El Salvadorans, to Oaxacans to say “the derivatives of your indigenous religion and cultural norms are not allowed but the pagan-derived cultural norms of the Britons, Franks, Gauls, Goths and Visigoths are fine.” That is what viewing the Kingdom of Heaven as European does. It allows the church to give preference to the worldview and customs of the pre-Christian West, because we view ourselves as the originators of Christianity.

(Let’s put to one side that the Bible is Semitic. Homework: Research ancient Canaanite customs and beliefs for the best back drop to the biblical worldview on what is acceptable and unacceptable practice.)

If you read the Parable of the Mustard Seed, including Matthew 13:31-32, you hear: the mustard seed is the smallest of all seeds yet it grows into the largest plant in the garden as big as a tree that is home to all kinds of birds. You must realize that the West is one of the many birds not the mustard tree itself.

I was moved to pray by name for my sisters and brothers who have had their faith confused by the contra-biblical and ungodly preferences in the church. I prayed 1 Corinthians and 2 Corinthians over them. I meditated on how difficult it must be to constantly be told to leave behind the sins of your native culture in order to participate in the sins of white culture.

Recently, my wonderful friend, Julia sent me a sermon (linked below) by Brad Haami about horses, the way Maori culture informs their Christian faith, and intercession he participated in in Israel. The story about the period of intercession in Israel involved a spirit that was residing over a specific valley. Nothing could grow in the valley because of this oppressive spirit. The spirit was there because of heinous blood shed and injustice in the past. They prayed until the oppression was rebuked. That valley is lush with plant life now.

That valley in Israel had been a site of child sacrifice. I am reminded of a sign in front of the Mission Cemetery at Mission San Juan Bautista. Meer yards away from a giant statue of John the Baptist and a white wooden Cross, there is a sign marking an area smaller than my parents patio where 4,300 “Indians, Spanish and pioneer settlers are buried.” The sign continues to memorialize “the mission’s first sacrifice to God,” a little girl. A child died on the altar of Spanish imperialism in 18th century California. There is nothing as anti-Christ as confusing God with empire.

The California territory would benefit if Brad Haami and his team of Maori and Israeli intercessors prayed over our valleys.

Interestingly, Mission San Juan Bautista is built along the San Andreas Fault Line. I used to love reading the seismograph when I was little. There are constant tiny earthquakes happening along the fault and you could watch the graph record them. Unfortunately they took it out. About now, we need seismographs, as we seem to have forgotten how to put our ear to the ground.


Key Terms in Today’s Post:

Christianity— the belief system adhered to around the world that follows the ways and words of Jesus Christ, worshipping him in his identities as Son of God and savior of mankind, as well as to some extent his identity as human Messiah of the Jews.

Christendom— the geo-political powerhouse created by Constantine that became the social context of common era Europe. It is responsible for the spread of Christianity to all parts of the earth through the economic conquests of European nations.

Kingdom of Heaven— the transdimensional government that operates in the heavenlies and on earth. It is endowed by the spiritual authority of Jesus. This authority is entrusted to frail but faithful humans in the absence of its king, Jesus until his return to rule the earth. Not all who now participate in the Kingdom of Heaven are co-inheritors of the earth with Jesus– in other words, not all who exercise authority in the Kingdom of Heaven are children of the New Jerusalem (Galatians 4 & Matthew 7:21).

Mission San Juan Bautista, CA. At the bottom of the right side of the bell tower, you can see a little grove of cacti and the sign in front of that grove is the Mission Cemetery sign.

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