Atlas Judged 2021

What Can Joe Biden and Kamala Harris Legislate That Will End the Oppression of People of Color?

Do the opposite of Trump. The complaints against Trump to do the opposite of are:

  1. Education (Betsy DeVos- School Choice for children below the poverty line, impeding LGBTQ+ sex education in schools, which affects the future transwomen of color the most)
  2. Speech Rights (Empowering Hate Speech from whites)
  3. Supreme Court (Anti-Abortion Justices– ignoring the sociological causes and effects of black women receiving 36% of the total number of elective abortion procedures in America annually.)
  4. Christian Privilege (Promoting Religious Free Speech and openly allying with white fundamentalist Christian views)
  5. Worldview (Isolationist, Modernist Thinking and Patriotic History that ignore: colonialism, the suppression of native religions and customs, and the complex trauma of slavery, Jim Crow, and the violent opposition to the Civil Rights Movement.)
  6. China (Tariffs on American manufacturers importing goods that were produced by Asian persons working for 9 cents a day, which allows for the deluge of fast fashion that is poisoning the environment with slow-decomposing fabric litter. Encouraging China to recreate the globalist system into one where America is not hegemonic, but rather allows three centers of global commerce to emerge– France-Germany, China, and the United States.)
  7. International Relations (Disrupting the Russia-Turkey-Iran axis through his dealings with Ukraine, Serbia and Kosovo, and United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Being unrelentingly supportive of Israel to the point of crafting a peace deal that would end the two state solution. This basically makes Palestinians an ethnic people group within the nation of Israel rather than a nationality. Eventually, it could threaten Muslims’ access to the Dome of the Rock and make way for the mosque’s transformation into a third Temple of YHWH. This would be similar to the recent Islamist re-takeover of Hagia Sophia in Turkey. Also, he communicates with other narcissistic, rude leaders like Kim Jong-il. Finally, being stupid and making America look stupid in front of Europe.)
  8. Law and Order Platform (Refusing to support defunding/refunding the police in the form of a smaller police force and forming community policing groups, social programs, and independent accountability agencies to police the police– and opposing the mass release of non-violent criminals including sex offenders.)
  9. Taxes (Allegiance to corporate America. Tax breaks that benefit rich people, even though they also benefit lower middle class people by accident, I guess. A general attitude of deregulation of American commerce. With the noted exception of regulating companies that are exploiting cheap labor abroad– the companies that are enriching and empowering the nation that is colonizing Africa. Those companies he regulates.)
  10. Immigration (Being completely ineffectual at achieving any of his immigration initiatives until they were achieved for him by COVID. And neglecting to deconstruct the seriously,– no, I am serious– the seriously disgusting, inhumane, and child-abusive detention centers that were created before he took office by people ignoring the human rights of asylum seekers in a godless manner. He also has done nothing to end the false news circulating in Central America regarding how to know whether you qualify for asylum before arrival. Sidenote: My father immigrated to America in 1960 as an asylum seeker.)
  11. Putin and Xi Jinping (They seem to want him to be president, which cannot be a good sign for anyone opposing tyranny at home and abroad.)
  12. Being a Sexist, Racist, Adulterous, generally immoral Misogynist who says embarrassing and bizarre things (I am relieved that Joe Biden is not like that at all. Ok, he is not like that as much.)
  13. Critical Race Theory (Trump, just this week, signed on executive order that training in Critical Race Theory was banned in all federal agencies. This greatly inhibits the dismantling of oppressive powers like government, police, school, church, and parents.)
  14. Making Ridiculous Threats to Democrat State Governors– Well, California (Threatening to withhold money from states that don’t let their kids go back to school this year while ignoring that the school closures are causing children of color to fall disproportionately behind in school already. Threatening to withhold federal aid to California for the wildfires because they didn’t “take care of the leaves.” I don’t know: Did he mean that the Bureau of Land Management needs to do a better job battling invasive plant species that are ill-adapted to Californian flora’s natural need for fire to propagate and grow? Or that the Forest Service is hamstrung by the deadlock between the Conservation Lobby versus the Logging Lobby meaning that we can’t decide between the extremes of clear cutting and hyper-conservation and so we neglect responsible forestry practices? He probably didn’t mean that.)
  15. Health Care (Failing to even address the IMMORAL health care system, aka health insurance, other than through his abortion and religious free speech stances that diminish women of color’s access to inexpensive reproductive health care at Planned Parenthood clinics.)
  16. Denying Climate Change (He is changing people’s minds who used to believe that climate change is real. He is also discouraging technological innovation and advancement toward alternative energy within the private sector. No, actually I don’t think either of those things are resulting from his blatant pandering to evangelical Young Earthers. He also, might allow States, like Alaska, to decide for themselves whether to expand the level to which their economies depend on oil enterprise, or coal for that matter, because he is lax on the urgency of climate change. Climate change typically affects countries in the global south via shifted weather patterns and ozone holes.)

As long as Kamala, I mean, Biden and Harris push forward legislation that counter the above 16 things, they will improve outcomes for people of color and dismantle the yolk of oppression that white Puritanism architected into the clothing worn by the Whore of Babylon.

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