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“11 Arab Nations Are Ready for a Revolution”: A Divine Appointment in a Dream

On September 1, 2020, I had a dream.

I was in the Middle East and an old friend was with me. I was telling her that 11 Arab nations were ready for revolution. As I was telling her a local woman joined us. She seemed like an Esther– a strategically placed woman for change. I had the feeling that she was married to someone who was working for revolution from inside one of these 11 governments.

We followed her along a veranda, into her kitchen and then out into her courtyard to have a prayer meeting. As we followed her I asked my old friend if she wanted to receive the gift of tongues. I told her that if she did want to receive that gift, I could lay hands on her and pray for that.

We all sat together, the local woman and I praying in the spirit. Before we finished my friend said, “It’s 6 o’clock, I have to go to a meeting.” The local woman and I continued in prayer until 8 o’clock. In the dream it seemed that we had prayed from the afternoon of one day into the morning of the next day.

In the dream, and even after I woke up, I had a feeling of spiritual rejuvenation as though I had really been in intercession with a fellow prayer warrior. It was like the Spirit had been where two or more were gathered. There was that feeling in my chest of having been submerged in water. It’s the physical sensation that you get after a well needed cry– or a Spirit-filled prayer meeting!

Interpretation and Relevance to Current Events

The insinuation of the phrase “11 Arab nations are ready for revolution” was that there was a political and spiritual readiness to throw off the yolk of oppression in these nations. It was that these nations were making space in their systems of government to let the gospel come into the country. It was a movement originating from the people and being worked toward by covert Christians within the government such as the local woman who led us into her courtyard to pray.

Right now there is a big peace push in the Middle East orchestrated by President Trump, Secretary of State Pompeo. Also, Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner has been working for the past four years in Middle Eastern affairs toward this end. Interesting that during the final weeks up to the election, this is what Trump wants done.

So far, 2 new Middle Eastern countries and 2 Eastern European predominately Muslim nations have normalized ties with Israel in the last 3 weeks (since August 24th). These treaties were officially signed yesterday (September 15th). Trump brokered peace between Serbia and Kosovo with their recognition and normalized ties with Israel as a bi-product of the deal. In the Middle East, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates (UAE) normalized ties with Israel and recognized their statehood.

Both of these treaties are aimed at countering bigger fish. Serbia and Kosovo counter the encroachment of Turkey who is showing aggressive movement toward Greece with stated hopes of renewing the glory of the Ottoman Empire under a radical Islamist state. Turkey’s leader has become the main advocate of the Muslim Brotherhood since the implosion of Egypt during the recent Arab Spring.

Bahrain and UAE are allies of Saudi Arabia, meaning alliances with these nations give Israel a back channel to the regions greatest player to counter Iran. So the real targets of these treaties are Turkey and Iran. The added pressure the treaties apply is hoped to become a domino affect of treaties between Israel and members of the Arab League is that it would isolate Palestine and force the PNA (Palestine National Authority) into signing the Trump brokered peace treaty with Israel that was announced only a few months ago. The treaty gives Israel everything it wants including Jerusalem and I believe, unprecedented access to the Temple Mount. Please look that treaty up, as I’m fuzzy on the details. But it is an “end times” deal, that under current geopolitical circumstances Palestine would never agree to.

So the count of nations normalizing ties with Israel this month, as it stands today, is four. That doubles the number since the 1970’s, which was 2– Jordan and Egypt. Jared Kushner said yesterday that 5 or 6 more nations were close to signing similar treaties with Israel. Do you think that the final number could be 11?

Let’s talk about the number 11 in my dream. The only thing I could find of the significance of 11 in the Bible is that there were 11 Edomite kings. Edomites were the generations of Esau and the Herods were the kings instated over Judea by Rome as a mockery of the Jews. I brushed past a reference from Chuck Missler that the Edomites have a connection to the last days Anti-Christ (capitalization because he’s a specific anti-Christ not just a person operating in an anti-Christ spirit). These treaties being made have a very “peace, peace then sudden destruction” feel to them. The Anti-Christ’s fame will be over a regional peace treaty. Are these those treaties? I’m not sure but they are definitely a sign of something being birthed in the heavenlies that relates to, or patterns, the Great and Terrible Day of the Lord.

The number 11 for me is most closely related with the idea of “the 11th hour.” The 11th hour is that final hour of quickening where the sleepy are woken up in the nick of time to get with God’s program! Is it possible that this is an 11th hour for Arab and Muslim nations to let the gospel pour into their countries unimpeded? Are Esthers and Mordecai’s being brought from the shadows to fight back, speak truth, and be given blatant influence? Remember that Esther and Mordecai were in Persia– modern day Iran. In Esther’s day, Persia had control over the whole region. If you’re so called, begin praying through until Purim, which is the holiday commemorating the salvation of the Jews due to Esther’s bravery (Thursday, February 25, 2021 – Friday, February 26, 2021).

Finally, let me bring this home by talking about the part of the dream where I ask my friend if she’d like to receive the gift of tongues. This friend also left the prayer meeting just shy of it being completed for another appointment. In reality, this particular friend is a perennial baby disciple. She has a “Jesus is just alright with me” kind of faith that “loves Jesus,” but has never left her old religion behind. I would call her relationship to Christianity “a fascination” more than a faith. I feel like her intrigue, in the dream, about the idea of receiving the gift of tongues but not actually answering the question as to whether she wanted it, and also how she stopped short of remaining in prayer until the task was done, are both emblematic of where many Christians are right now.

We are in a season– perhaps we are always in this season– where our faith is not about how we feel about God! but is rather about travailing in prayer like Esther and like Daniel until the gospel is birthed in the nations– BREAKS FORTH in the nations. In the dream, my friend was intrigued but not insistent upon receiving the inheritance of nations through prayer. She stopped short at 6 o’clock– the number of man. She stopped short at man’s efforts of spreading the gospel rather than praying through to 8 o’clock– the number of renewal.

If you have not! Get empowered in your spirit for the spiritual assignments God has for you in this hour! Don’t wait any longer. Jesus said “never stop asking for the Holy Spirit.” Grab hold of the edge of the garment, grab hold even if it puts you out of joint, and do not stop asking for what you need in order to accomplish in the spirit what God has set aside for you. Read about Daniel and the angelic being who Daniel had to pray through because this angelic being was opposed by the principality of Persia in Daniel 10. What do you need in order to participate in God’s international program for today? You could be spreading the gospel in Arab nations from your living room When. You. Pray.

In the dream, we prayed until 8 o’clock. Jesus rose on the 8th day of the week, Sunday. We have to pray through for the Arab and Muslim nations until newness arrives in their midst. Not a peace as man understands it, but the sabbath rest of salvation. We might be nearing their 11th hour, and the people are waiting for the revolution.

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