Natalie Haney is a Bible student, advocate, and writer. She writes to inspire others to love the Bible and enjoy reading it. She believes that the gospel is the power of God to save. Natalie’s devotionals are narrative driven, theologically challenging and purposefully engage with topics of spiritual and physical vulnerability. She is outspoken within the Christian context about the community dynamics of mental ill health. Natalie sometimes writes about the intersection of faith and cultural phenomena, and also shares reflections from her personal time with the Lord. With a special interest in the Semitic context of the Old Testament, you’ll also find historical and Jewish-Christian interfaith elements within her writing. 


“The Gift of Helping” is the 2020 devotional series exploring the spiritual gift of helping and how it applies far beyond the scope of acts of service at church. “The gift of helping is a series of scripture meditations that orbits around personal anecdotes about people who have impacted my life by exercising the unassuming gift of helping. Be inspired!”

In 2021, Natalie is revisiting and expanding “The Proverbs 31 Family” blog series! 

Links to Other Devotional Series:

Instructions on the Care of Your Soul,” which began July 13, 2019 explores the nature of the inner person, and compares self-care to spiritual disciplines.

Too Much Talking: Spiritual Warfare in the Book of Job,” which began January 10, 2019 grappling with the intersections between Christianity, friendship, and mental illness.

The Proverbs 31 Family,” which began April 3, 2018 exploring how men and women affect each other’s faith and need each other to live out an effective faith. Setting aside the discussion of giftings and roles within the church, this series focuses on the impact of healthy and unhealthy relationships on the church.

UPDATED: March 26, 2021